Moria de Erasmo Roterodamo

This page has been developed as a supplement to the first volume of, “Heterodoxia Iberica” Series: Desiderius Erasmus (2014), Moria de Erasmo Roterodamo. A Critical Edition of the Early Modern Spanish Translation of Erasmus’s Encomium Moriae, eds. Jorge Ledo and Harm den Boer, notes by Jorge Ledo, Leiden – Boston: Brill. The addendum contains the following sections:

  1. Corrigenda.
  2. Addenda.
  3. Press.
  4. Reviews.
  5. Events.
  6. Materials.

If Brill happens to publish a second edition of the Moria, all the emendations contained in the first section will be added to it. That being the case, any assistance provided to make the book more accurate will be recognized both in this website and in the acknowledgments of the printed version. Therefore, I would be most grateful if the actual name, email, and academic affiliation are used in the commentaries. The emendations will be updated in a pdf of the same size, font, and layout than the book. A date will be attached to the document anytime it is updated for easier tracking.

Due to the particularities of the book and the great investment of time by Brill in its design, all the additions contained in the second section will remain here both in html and in a printable pdf.

As for the materials contained in the rest of the sections, they can be freely downloaded but not distributed. For any further question, please, do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to write back to you as soon as time permits.

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